Do you know anyone that doesn’t like pizza? Chances are you don’t. However, there is a one in eight chance that you or someone you know is unable to fully enjoy one of America's mainstay dishes because of lactose-INTOLERANCE…

at sommer street, we make good pizza for everyone on our block!

Sommer Street Pizza provides a high-quality frozen pizza alternative for those with lactose-intolerant dietary restrictions. We use fresh produce to blend our own homemade sauces and top it with lactose-friendly gourmet cheeses to craft mouthwatering pizzas that anyone can enjoy while keeping it easy on the tummy of our lactose-intolerant friends!

The blueprint: Lactose-Friendly, lactose-free


Most traditional pizzas made with cheese contain a sugar known as lactose, which keeps our lactose-Intolerant friends away from the lusciousness of pizza. Sommer Street Pizza uses unique, fresh cheeses that contain either no lactose or significantly smaller doses of lactose to give customers the peace of mind necessary to make pizza as delightful and pleasurable of an experience as we know it should be!


If our cheese combinations bring you in, our sauces will make you stay! Using a unique family recipe and process, we craft our own spicy pizza sauce to complement our cheese combinations to give you a mouthwatering bite that keeps you coming back for more. Get your taste buds ready because our block is hot!


Providing quality frozen food is important to our brand, but there is more to us than just pizza. At Sommer Street Pizza, we make it a point to provide you with a quality food experience by providing reliable and adventurous flavors that your stomach can trust. Whether it’s catering your office party, attending one of our popup events, or enjoying a pizza party at with friends, we always want to you enjoy your experience on Sommer Street!

I typically stay away from cheese because i’m lactose-intolerant. After learning about sommer street and trying their pizza, i’m sold! i finally found a way to eat good pizza with no symptoms!
— Lactose Intolerant Taste Tester