The inspiration

Hi Guys, My name is London and I’m the founder of Sommer Street Pizza. In case you are wondering, Sommer is my middle name and I’m a self-made food entrepreneur on a mission to set the standard for lactose-friendly pizza!

One Thursday evening, just before my wife and I got settled in to watch Thursday Night Football, I got a familiar craving for pizza! In the midst of my google search for pizza menus, I turned to my wife only to see an adorable yet venomous stare. Not only have lactose-intolerant individuals, like my wife, been deprived of this impulsive life-pleasure, they also make it slightly awkward to enjoy such indulgences. Unable to live with this travesty any longer, I made it a mission to give the gift of pizza to my wife.

It would seem obvious to assume that if you are lactose-intolerant, you don’t eat or aren’t interested in pizza because of the symptoms it causes. Little does the outside world know, Lauren and her brethren crave pizza just as much as the next person. At Sommer Street Pizza, we are constantly researching and experimenting with our sauces and cheese combinations to create delicious pizza dishes that EVERYONE will enjoy. Traditional pizza is evolving and Sommer Street is the one-stop shop for revolution.



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