Q: How is Sommer Street Pizza different from other pizza?
A: Our pizza recipes are tailored to the Lactose-Intolerant diet. We use specific homemade recipes that make it enjoyable for those who have lactose-intolerance to consume cheese pizza dishes without irritable stomach symptoms.

For instance, in a 100g (3.5 oz) serving size of Mozzarella vs. Muenster cheese, Mozzarella has 24g of sugar (lactose) where as Muenster has only 1g of sugar (lactose). 

Q: Lactose-Friendly, Lactose-Free: What’s the Difference?
A: Great Question! Lactose-Intolerant symptoms varies from to person, based on the consumption and sensitivity to lactose. Our Lactose-Free pizzas give you the peace of mind that lactose is completely absent in the pizza dish and enables you to comfortably indulge into our delicious cheese pizzas. Our Lactose-Friendly pizzas use a bit more exotic ingredients to craft our signature pizzas, usually containing no or very small amounts of lactose

Q: So can I eat as much of Sommer Street Pizza as I want if I’m lactose-intolerant?!
A: Yes but…tolerance varies from person to person so some are able to consume slightly higher levels of lactose than others. Our lactose-free pizzas empower you with the piece of mind to consume as much of it as possible without symptoms. However, if you are feeling adventurous, our delicious lactose-friendly recipes are crafted to allow for reasonable consumption of pizza without created symptoms.

Q: What is the right amount of Sommer Street Pizza to consume if I’m Lactose-Intolerant?
A: Lauren is fairly sensitive to lactose but has been able to consume as many as to 6 slices of a 12-inch Sommer Street Pizza without the assistance of lactase pills. Some individuals may be able to consume more than others, but most lactose-intolerant individuals should be able to consume at least 4 12-inch slices without the use of lactase pills. *

Q: Do your products contain gluten?
A: At this time, we do not offer gluten-free products. However, we are working to incorporate gluten-free products into our menu.

*Be sure to touch base with your physician before consuming Sommer Street Pizza if you have significant sensitivities to cheese-based products